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1. NEW PLASTIC PARTS :  ALL of  our (thermoformed)
Plastic fenders, side panels and number plates are made by  MOLDS  that are owned exclusively by  Our Plastic parts are either HIGH GLOSS Thermoformed polypropylene or HIGH GLOSS  Injection molded parts.  We do NOT sell low quality (dull looking) satin finish plastic parts , translucent plastic parts , or opaque plastic parts. All of our fenders,side panels and number plates are BRAND NEW parts. We do not  sell  N.O.S. inventory. We do not buy our plastic parts from other vintage parts companies for re-sell. All of our Thermoformed Plastic Fenders and Side panels  are made in the USA .


2. We specialize in  COMPLETE   restoration kits. A complete restoration kit consists of: Front fender, rear fender , front # plate , side panels, Tank decals, seat cover, air filter, front and rear sprockets, cables, brake shoes,  Piston,rod kit, bearings, gasket kit, clutch kit , fork seals,etc.

3. SEAT COVERS :  Our Seat covers are made exclusively for our shop by our craftsmen. Vinyl weight is matched ,vinyl grain pattern is matched and stitching is matched to the original seat cover. ALL of our seat covers are made in the U.S.A and Europe.

4. TANK DECALS - Our decals  are identical to the original (OEM)  decals in shape,size and color. All of our decals are made in the USA  and Europe.

5.  RETURNS  POLICY -  We accept returns on parts are defective from the manufacturer. We do not accept "remorse" returns. Returned products must be in their ORIGINAL  packaging. Returns must be 100% complete,we do not accept partial returns. Returned parts must be sent back(and received at our facility) no later than 21 days from the original shipment / invoice  date for a refund to be issued.   Shipping charges are non - refundable.   20% re-stocking fee.

6. We use OEM   parts( fenders,side panels,decals,seat covers,etc) for  "matching"  purposes concerning color, shape, size, vinyl weight, screen printing, stitching ,etc. We do not use old,faded parts for matching purposes. We do not use aftermarket parts for "matching" purposes.

7. It is the Customers  Resonsibility to  verify that  His /Her bike is factory " original "  and has not been modified from it's original factory condition. It is the Customers  Resonsibility  to order the CORRECT  parts for His / Her  bike.  Improperly ordered parts are non -returnable .

8. We  use very large ( high resolution) photos on this website so that the customer can  clearly see what our parts look like. 
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